Bourne is the second play to be produced by Double Yellow and is written by Megan Smith.

Cast and Creative team:
Director:                 Trine Garrett
Writer:                     Megan Smith
Movement:            Lily Howkins

Nicole:                    Megan Smith
Ben:                        Robert Heard
Bex:                        Olivia Negrean     

Ben and Nicole live in the UK. They have everything they want – a nice house, good jobs and a steady marriage. However, a chance encounter confronts them with an ominous question: is it selfish to start a family in a world that’s beset by climate crisis?

Bourne is a new play that explores the moral suburbia of climate crisis and the destabilising effect it might have on the most mundane of marriages.

We are delighted to announce that Bourne (work in progress), will be performed at The Vaults Festival on the following dates:

14th March 16:30
15th March 15:10

Tickets can be bought here