Girl On Girl

Girl on Girl is the debut play from Double Yellow and was selected as part of the Playmill Festival at The King’s Head Theatre in July 2019.

Creative Team:
Writers: Megan Smith & Lily Howkins
Director: Trine Garrett
Movement: Lily Howkins
Technician: Amy Daniels

Lucy: Megan Smith
May: Bernice Pike
Sarah: Nathalie Barclay

The play focuses on female mental health and examines the pressures felt by women in today's society – we explore how these pressures are augmented by social media platforms and the need to achieve the “perfect instagram lifestyle”. We wanted to show that women, continue to put unrealistic expectations on themselves and still seek to make judgements on each other.

The performance followed the lives of two flatmates, Lucy and May and their old friend Sarah. The women are confronted with challenges that pit them against one another: May searches for female perfection, Lucy actively rejects it and Sarah is still coming to terms with what “she did”.

We were also delighted to be interviewed and supported by London Playwrights.
Our interview can be found here: