We all have that friend don’t we?

Dibs is Double Yellow’s first short comedy film and was adapted from their debut play Girl on Girl.

Creative Team:
Writers: Megan Smith and Lily Howkins
Producer: Craig Talbot
Editor / Director of Photography:  Rob Davies 
Sound Recordist: Katie Fowler

Steph: Lily Howkins
Jane: Megan Smith


“Congratulations, you’ve been turned into a commodity and you didn’t even know it.”

A short dystopian film, ARPU is set in a world where the only currency we trade in is data.  We watch as Maeve, a young businessowoman and mother,  is forced to fight for her family and her way of life when a debt is called in.  What more can you give when they already control every move you make?

In pre-production
Shooting 2020

Best Friends

In the competitive sport that is friendship, the race is on...

Best Friends will be Double Yellow’s second short film.

Claire: Megan Smith
Jenny: Kirsty Langley
Sasha: Anna Mitchell
Hannah: Ella Ainsworth
Sarah: Lily Howkins

Creative Team:
Writer: Megan Smith
Director: Craig Talbot
Director of Photography:  Will Austin