Double Yellow is a new theatre company founded by Lily Howkins and Megan Smith.  

The girls met at university, where they spent far more time on the stage than at the library.

They both went on to train professionally as actresses and after working in the industry for several years, found themselves increasingly frustrated with the lack of roles for women.  

When the frustration started to boil over,  they decided to stop moaning and start doing something.

Double Yellow was hatched.

Combining their talents in writing, acting, comedy and choreography; the company aims to tell untold stories and in doing so, provide more opportunities for the talented women they know - in all capacities, not just on the stage. The vision for Double Yellow is to provide a platform for the talents of all women: young, old, loud, shy, big and little.

Double Yellow will tell stories through any means necessary - be it scripted, devised, movement or song - as long as it involves being able to laugh at themselves and being ready to take a joke.

If this sound like something you want to get involved with we'd love to hear from you. As far as we're concerned -the more the merrier.

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︎︎ doubleyellowtheatre@gmail.com ︎︎